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Windows Azure Access Control Service, Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012: Setting Up Development Environment – Oh My!

Today I started playing with Windows Azure Access Control Service (ACS) and ran into some issues while making a simple application based on the guide here: I had to search for a number of things on the Internet to finally … [Read more...]

Consuming Windows Azure Service Management API in a Windows 8 Application

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about how to write a Windows 8 application which consumes Windows Azure Service Management REST API ( Unlike my other post on Windows 8 and Windows Azure Mobile Service, I’ll try to be less … [Read more...]

How I Built an “Awesome Chat” application for Windows 8 with Windows Azure Mobile Service

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about how I built a Windows 8 application using Windows Azure Mobile Service. Windows Azure Mobile Service is the newest Windows Azure Services that you can use to provide backend services for your mobile applications (currently Windows 8, more coming soon). You … [Read more...]

World Clock – An HTML5/JS based Windows 8 Metro Application – Part 2: Adding a basic clock

In the previous post we talked about the project setup, system defined styles and a little bit about navigation. In this post we will extend that project and create a simple clock which will display current date/time. We will be using concepts like navigation, data binding, converters etc. in this … [Read more...]

World Clock – An HTML5/JS based Windows 8 Metro Application – Part 1: Setting Up

In my last post (, I talked about my experience building my first Windows 8 Metro application. Now I am going to talk about how I built the application. In this post, we will just cover setting up the project and what … [Read more...]

Building First Windows 8 Metro Application

Of late I have been playing a lot with Windows 8 and wanted to learn about Metro applications. For me the best way to learn a new technology is by building an application using that technology. I have been working a lot with WPF for the products we’re building at Cerebrata, I thought it would be … [Read more...]