Gaurav Mantri's Personal Blog.


As my egotist website address 🙂 suggests, I’m Gaurav. Primarily a software developer at heart, currently I run a small company out of Udaipur (Cynapta) where we tried (and still trying) to build some products which will help developers all around the world. Prior to that, I started a company (Cerebrata) and built some products for Microsoft Azure. After running the company for nearly three years, I finally sold the company (or rather products we developed) to a great company (Red Gate). Also in the meantime, I was awarded Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award by Microsoft.

When not working, I’m either on Stack Overflow or on MSDN Forums for Azure trying to answer some questions on Microsoft Azure to the best of my abilities and learning something new everyday. Other that that, I’m on Twitter or Facebook (where else I would be). If you wish to connect with me on LinkedIn, click on this link.

Through this website, I will try and share the stuff that I know or I’m trying to learn. I will also try and share my experience with building a product company in India in the hope that it will be useful for some.

So long and stay tuned!!!