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World Clock – An HTML5/JS based Windows 8 Metro Application – Part 2: Adding a basic clock

In the previous post we talked about the project setup, system defined styles and a little bit about navigation. In this post we will extend that project and create a simple clock which will display current date/time. We will be using concepts like navigation, data binding, converters etc. in this … [Read more...]

World Clock – An HTML5/JS based Windows 8 Metro Application – Part 1: Setting Up

In my last post (, I talked about my experience building my first Windows 8 Metro application. Now I am going to talk about how I built the application. In this post, we will just cover setting up the project and what … [Read more...]

Building First Windows 8 Metro Application

Of late I have been playing a lot with Windows 8 and wanted to learn about Metro applications. For me the best way to learn a new technology is by building an application using that technology. I have been working a lot with WPF for the products we’re building at Cerebrata, I thought it would be … [Read more...]

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