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Writing prompts is hard. Luckily, there’s an easy way out!

In any Generative AI application, prompts are the heart and soul of the application. To get the most out of an LLM, every Gen AI developer must write effective prompts. Problem But writing prompts is hard! Believe me, it is hard :). In fact, if you want to torture a developer, ask them to … [Read more...]

Microsoft Semantic Kernel – An Overview

In this short post, we will talk about Semantic Kernel from Microsoft. We will talk about what exactly is Semantic Kernel and its key components. So, let's begin! What is Semantic Kernel? Simply put, Semantic Kernel is an open source SDK developed by Microsoft that helps you build AI apps. … [Read more...]

Some resources for learning Generative AI and building LLM Apps

Recently I started learning Generative AI. To be honest, after a very long time I found a technology that really excited me. As most of us, I started using this technology as my personal assistant (using ChatGPT, Bing Chat etc.) to get answers to the questions that would normally require me to do … [Read more...]