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Azure SDK 2.5 and Cloud Service Diagnostics

Recently Azure team announced the availability of SDK 2.5. You can read the release notes here: One of the major change that was done in this release is related to diagnostics. In this post we will talk about diagnostics changes in the … [Read more...]

Windows Azure SDK 2.0 For .Net – Taking A Second Look At Windows Azure Diagnostics

A few days ago I wrote a post about newly released Windows Azure SDK 2.0 for .Net. You can read that post here: In that post I briefly talked about the improvements in the latest SDK with regards to Windows Azure … [Read more...]

Understanding Windows Azure Diagnostics Costs And Some Ways To Control It

In this blog post, we’ll try to understand the costs associated with Windows Azure Diagnostics (WAD) and some of the things we could do to keep it down. Brief Introduction Let’s take a moment and talk briefly about WAD especially around how the data is stored. If you’re familiar with WAD and … [Read more...]

Effective way of fetching diagnostics data from Windows Azure Diagnostics Table (Hint: Use PartitionKey)

As we all know Windows Azure Diagnostics data is stored in Windows Azure Storage. Depending on the kind of diagnostics data being collected, it could either store in Table Storage (WAD* tables e.g. WADLogsTable table for trace logs data) or Blob Storage (wad-* blob containers e.g. wad-crash-dumps … [Read more...]