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Archives for October 2012

Windows Azure Media Service-Part IV (Managing Access Policies via REST API)

In the last post about Windows Azure Media Service (Media Service), I talked about how you can manage assets using REST API. You can read that post here: In this post, I’m going to take this … [Read more...]

Windows Azure Media Service-Part III (Managing Assets via REST API)

UPDATE: I originally posted this blog in October 2012. At that time the REST API service version was 1.0. A few days back, Media Services team released a new version of REST API (version 2.0). There are some changes in version 2.0 over version 1.0 so I decided to update this blog post. In the … [Read more...]

Windows Azure Media Service-Part II (Setup, API and Access Token)

In the previous post about Windows Azure Media Service (Media Service), I provided an introduction to the service as to how I understood it. I also explained some key terms associated with Media Service. You can read this post here: … [Read more...]

Windows Azure Media Service–Part I (Introduction)

Windows Azure Media Service (Media Service) is one of the newest service offering on Windows Azure platform. I haven’t really looked at it till now (thanks to Brent Stineman for pushing me ) and in next few blog posts, I will share my understanding of this service, what it can do for you and how you … [Read more...]

Understanding Windows Azure Diagnostics Costs And Some Ways To Control It

In this blog post, we’ll try to understand the costs associated with Windows Azure Diagnostics (WAD) and some of the things we could do to keep it down. Brief Introduction Let’s take a moment and talk briefly about WAD especially around how the data is stored. If you’re familiar with WAD and … [Read more...]