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Updates to Windows Azure Storage – Reduced Transaction Pricing and Geo Replication


[UPDATE] This is an updated post. When I initially published the post earlier today, I was under the impression that before yesterday’s announcement you paid lesser price for storage and with geo-replication feature (details below), you would pay a … [Continue reading]

Updates to Windows Azure Service Management REST API


Today, 7th of June 2012 is a big day for Windows Azure. A lot of new features are coming (IaaS, Support for Non-Windows Operating Systems, Windows Azure Websites etc. etc. [I could go on-and-on with the new features]). Check out Windows Azure website … [Continue reading]

Cerebrata Story-Omega.SDSClient


So we had a product (Omega.MSSQL) which can be used to manage SQL Server databases through a browser based interface. Around the time I came back to India, Microsoft announced Windows Azure and one of the component there was SQL Data Services (SDS, … [Continue reading]

Comparing Windows Azure Blob Storage and Google Cloud Storage


Taking a break from my personal and emotionally charged Cerebrata Story ( , I thought it would be nice to write a comparison between Google App Engine storage offerings and Windows Azure Storage offerings as … [Continue reading]

Dear prospective employees, here’s what I ask of you and what you can expect in return


NYTimes written a nice open letter to Indians Graduates and Post Graduates which touches upon nice things. You can read that article here: Then there was an … [Continue reading]

Cerebrata Story-First Few Months


It was July 2008 and I was back in India with absolutely no clue as to what I will be doing. I didn’t even had an office at that time. Had absolutely no clue as to how I am going to hire, and even if I am going to hire folks,  what will they be … [Continue reading]

Cerebrata Story–Return To India


This post is for all my friends settled abroad and harboring the wish to return to India. I don’t mean to preach or encourage or influence them in any way to come to India. It’s a very personal and important decision considering how much time you … [Continue reading]

Cerebrata Story – A Prologue


Before we start talking about my experience running this company, let me share some of my experiences before Cerebrata which led to some of the decisions I made when we built products at Cerebrata. Not very many folks know but back in the dot com … [Continue reading]

Cerebrata Story


In case this is your first time on my blog or you haven’t had a chance to go through my self-gloating “About” page , I started Cerebrata in Udaipur a few years ago. Built a few products (successful I might say) and then sold the company (or rather … [Continue reading]

Comparing Windows Azure Blob Storage and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)–Summary

I wrote two detailed blog posts comparing Windows Azure Blob Storage and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). You can read those blog posts here: … [Continue reading]