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Cerebrata Story

In case this is your first time on my blog or you haven’t had a chance to go through my self-gloating “About” page Smile, I started Cerebrata in Udaipur a few years ago. Built a few products (successful I might say) and then sold the company (or rather products and IP) to Red Gate last year (2011).

I always wanted to share my experience (more like memoir) about running a company (that too a product development one) in India, working out of a small town like Udaipur (read Non-IT town). Now I think I have time and opportunity to do so.

Hopefully some folks might find my experience useful and with that intent I will write a series of blog posts detailing my journey.

If there are any specific areas that you would want to know about, feel free to drop me a line or comment here.

Stay Tuned!!!

[This is the latest product I'm working on]


  1. Do you really think its a NON IT city compared to other cities of Rajasthan ??

    “Time for Change”

    • Sanjit … don’t you think we should start looking beyond Rajasthan? When I said “Non IT” city, I wanted to compare Udaipur with the likes of Bangalore, Pune etc. where majority of the folks want to work.